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Also I make music w/ flstudio wassup.

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FLStudio year anniversary!!!

Posted by TheNewAge - 3 weeks ago

So basically... I make music. And the other day, I thought I would do some reminiscing... and found the worst song ever in my project files..which was unfortunately my creation. My FIRST creation. Naturally, I checked the info menu, and the date when it was made was 21st October...2018! I was really surprised! How the hell have I been making music for a YEAR!!! It's insane! My goal now, with one year of experience, is to create an identity for myself. I want people to know me and to like me. Any support would be awesome! Anyway. The day is here and I'm ready to embrace it! If you make music, I wish you awesome luck. Now, for some tips on how to improve, just because:

-Watch tutorials ya dummy; Tutorials are SO helpful! Some creators I recommend (For FLStudio) are Arcade (rSociety on Soundcloud) if you're more into making music for fun, and Jonas Aden, if you want to become a professional DJ or music producer.

-Establish a platform; using platforms such as Newgrounds or Soundcloud really boosts your confidence, and leaves you open to constructive criticism. This really helps.

-Make sure you enjoy it; If you always feel de-motivated to make music...stop. You shouldn't force yourself into doing something you don't really want to do. Hopefully that goes without saying.

-The last one: LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLES MUSIC YA STUBBORN BOI (thats what i would say to myself in the past at least); JUST DO IT! Without a good idea on what other music is like, you'll be naive and never find your sound. (My sound is basically just miscellaneous EDM, but it works for me OK!)

Thats all I have to say. If you read this and you dont care about what Im saying cuz u dont make music...why dont u try it as opposed to limiting yourself to games. Music is so underestimated. Its everywhere. I wish everyone had a love for it. Music isnt tangible but you still feel it. You feel the vibe it gives. Its so unique. (that got philosophical real quick whoops)

Anyways. Bye for now. Maybe Ill be posting more news stuff like this... if this gets any attention. I'm also making an awesome Future House track which will hopefully be released soon. I'm still alive I promise. (lol nobody cares)

Hehe bye